Claiming One’s Part, T-Shirt-Sculpture, Installation/Performance 2010

In their public space installation, artists Viktoria Tremmel and Martin Wagner make a theme of the symbolism of power and impotence while attempting to pin down this topic’s broad spectrum by intervening in a location which has always been regarde d as an interface of sorts.
Their work is at the gateway to the long outdoor path with stairs known as the Bettlerstiege [Beggars’ Stairway] which, historically, was viewed as a connection between the Abbey and the general populace. In this sense, the two artists refer to the location it self and to its history.
The title is both a description and an act of transgression, as well as being meant as a stage direction and an invitation: visitors are invited to “claim their part(s)”, to change the installation through their participation. Thirty red t-shirts bear [in German] the statement, “the border of your naked body penetrates the thres hold of their power”, while another 30 t-shirts in purple bear the statement, “slipping in beneath the skin, what remains is the power that spreads itself out in search of a language”.
Fifteen t-shirts each are hung alternately in the gate and form a sculpture with the scaffolding, which has been set up there as part of the installation. 600 t-shirts become part of sculptural body as a surface of political sentences. Everybody is invited to take a t-shirt, slip into it and thus expand the radius of action as a performance. In this way Viktoria Tremmel and Martin Wagner realize an action of speech and counter speech. Imagination and facts of critical reception influence each other. Hence, an aesthetical as well as semantic access passes through this performance.

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