Rehearsal room

„Directing actors is a process that involves searching and finding, both the sculptor’s search for the human form and the moral and political search for human freedom.“ (Jean Luc Godard)

As the stage on which the controversial issues of our society – body, sex, ethnicity, politics -are acted out, performed and thus negotiated, the theatre today also plays an immensely important role for the visual arts. Contemporary practices of installation, photography and forms of dance are all cases in point, but it is the theoretical equation of social existence, identity and role play that provides the most relevant nexus.
Thus, the main interest is not in the perfect theatre production nor in dramatic events as such but rather in the performative strategies that actors have to deploy in order to appear „authentic“, „inauthentic“, „real“ or „unreal“.
The rehearsal room functions as a kind of interspace that mediates between the reality „out there“ and the irreality of the theatre: here, fiction, staging and reality all come together. An imaginary wall cuts through the room, separating two fields. The photographs are meant to create a kind of laboratory situation in which the histrionic aspects and performative effects of people and objects can be observed and discussed. (Christa Benzer)


I am interested in a form of theatricalization that aims at constructing situations in which the viewers can get involved. I want my characters to interact in the photographs, yet I am not merely concerned with a narratively stringent story. Rather, it is my intention to analyze the expressive means of theatrical emotions and find out about the mallebility of human emotions and the ways in which they can be represented. I would like to capture a kind of contemporary sensibility that tells us something about modern society. (Viktoria Tremmel)

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